Shape A :

Electron Wind Intensity


Kinematics behavior of void motion is described in terms of instantaneous velocity and acceleration related to center of gravity. In the AVI format site, upper right corner figure shows position versus time plot similarly lower right corner figure gives acceleration versus time plot.


This study indicates very clearly that at low electron wind intensities void drift motion shows uniform velocity without having any appreciable acceleration. On the other hand in the intermediate range of electron wind intensities there is a almost constant acceleration. At high electron wind intensities center of gravity still shows constant acceleration up to the point where the necking phenomena starts to appear. At the onset stage of the necking phenomena the sudden increase in the acceleration has been observed. Where the very meaning of center of gravity loses its value in the description of the kinetic behavior of voids.

At high electron wind intensities, shape D shows void fragmentation at the later stage of simulations, where the conditions for the complete separation of daughter void is still under investigation.