Thermal Grooving:


For three different GB tilt configuration (normal, 60 o of tilt in clockwise and, 60 o of tilt in ccw direction), effect of wetting parameter on morphology as well as the time dependence of groove tip displacement is evaluated in this part of the study.

The groove tip evolution for a normal GB configuration is given on fig. 1.

System stats to evolve through the equilibrium configuration having proper dihedral angles dictated by the thermostatic theory.

The rate of this shape evolution process in the transient regime seems to obey the first order reaction kinetics and it is controlled by three independent unit processes. Namely;

  1. mobility of surface drift-diffusion

  2. generalized mobilities associated with
    longitudinal movement of triple junction

  3. transverse flow of matter through the junction

The following analytical expressions are obtained for the steady state regime by the linear regression analysis, in the normalized and scaled time and space domain:

figure 1